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This is a journal where I'll be ranting about random topics that Shay has given me and at the end, I will give her a subject to rant on. And so it goes on...

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Don't get me started on cups. First off, there are so many different sizes of cup, but never the right size. Like, either you get a cup that is too small to quench your thirst so you have to refill it 6985132746 times before you're satisfied, or you choose a cup that's too big and then it feels like you have to drink an entire lake. (Also if you don't drink it all then your mum gets mad at you for leaving it and forces you to finish it and then you feel like you're about to explode. Just my mum?)

Another thing is that plastic cups always taste weird if you just have water in them, so you choose a glass instead but that tastes equally as awful. (Maybe it's just me but hey). Then you're kinda forced to drink juice so you can't taste the cup and it's like, I was trying to be healthy and drink water but this cup is forcing me to have juice and it's just so unfair!!! The next part is particularly troublesome if you have braces. I personally haven't had them, but I know it's annoying and embarrassing for people who have. Now it's always awkward when you dribble whilst drinking and it's more likely to happen when you have braces. This makes it more embarrassing for people who dot have them, because we don't have an excuse. Then it just looks like we're incompetent and can't drink properly. Because cups are so light, it's SUPER easy to knock them over. I'm a clumsy person as it is, but add a cup into the mix and, well, let's just say that it'll be laying down more than it's upright. Spilling drinks is just the most inconvenient thing too. (Tip: don't spill an entire bottle of ice tea all over your friends brand new pack of £20 playing cards she got for her birthday. You'll have to replace them and you'll feel terrible for the rest of your life) Okay Shay, sorry that took so long but it's here now! Your subject is dressing gowns!

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Shay March 14, 2017 05:03PM

to be fair my cat once knocked a cup of hot chocolate I had made all over one of those plug sockets you put multiple plugs in. When I went to turn it off I got an electric shock all the way up my arm and it is the WEIRDEST feeling. It just felt like the muscles in my arm where wibbling back and fourth trying to break free. TMI? Also, it is just your mum :) .